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1898 – A hope is born. An Adventist group of pioneers, leaded by Pastor Francisco Westphal, gave rise to Colegio adventista del Plata (Del Plata Adventist College). There were six students and the first courses they offered were: Nursing and theology.

1899 – The first building with five classrooms was built.

1943 – Colegio Adventista del Plata received official recognition from National Ministry of Education.
1948 – The fiftieth anniversary of the institution was celebrated with good physical and spiritual health and with the teaching staff which bonded with the students through optimism and confidence into the future.

1980 – There was a need to provide a Christian education at a university level and the school initiate the process with the Ministry of Education of the Argentine Government.

1990 – On December 7th the former Adventist College becomes Universidad Adventista del Plata (UAP), being officially recognized by the Ministry of Culture and Education of the Nation by Ministerial Resolution No. 2241 /90.

1991 – Universidad Adventista del Plata officially began its academic activity.

1994 – The medical career was initiated at the Faculty of Health Sciences. The Nations’s President at the time, Dr. Carlos Menem attended the act of initiation of the academic year.

1998 – The former Adventist College celebrated 100 years . The main events were chaired by the National president, Dr. Carlos Menem and the president of the Adventist world church , Pastor Robert Folkenberg.

2001 – On November 27th, according to 397/ 01 Resolution of the CONEAU, the medical career received its accreditation and on December 5th of that year, the same entity, in section No. 127, prepared the technical report containing the final considerations for the defitive recognition of the University.

2002 – On May 10th, the Official Gazette published the Decree 795/2002 of the National Goverment, for which the University obtained its final recognition. On May 31st the President of Argentina, Dr. Eduardo Duhalde, maked it public at the University’s Graduation Act.

2006 – Takes the presidency of the UAP: Oscar Ramos, who continues in office today.

2007 – The construction of a new temple was started on the UAP’s campus.

2008 – In his 110th anniversary the UAP had already over thirty undergraduate programs, more than three thousand students representing fifty-two nationalities, the temple project underway and the realization of a prayer garden to worship God.



After 116 years, thanks to the hope and efforts of our pioneers, the UAP is the oldest Adventist educational institution in South America with an enrollment of over 300 students, divided into three levels: primary, secondary and university which offers over 30 different career options.